Thank you to those who participated in our 2019 resident survey. Here are the responses provided:

Roxboro House Resident’s Survey Verbatims

Comments relating to the overall living experience in Roxboro House (47 responses)

  1. Just fine.

  2. Reserve fund balance as well as cleanliness of parkade, and general maintenance concerns me

  3. Owner of a rental unit

  4. It has been a quiet, clean and nice experience, thus far. The Front Desk staff have been amazing!

  5. Poor parking and availability. Repairs not looked after.

  6. Building interior is becoming quite dated.

  7. constant construction has been an issue since we moved in. Lack of consideration of neighbours (eg. no advance notice of noise of construction, extended period of noise). Failure to follow 'rules' regarding construction time, particularly by board member recently.

  8. Construction noise is a problem as it sometimes starts very early in the morning, despite rules against that. I don't think there's much you can do about it in a general sense as people are certainly entitled to do renovations.

  9. Overall a very friendly place to live.

  10. I am very unhappy that I purchased in this building and have been unable to sell my unit even at a substantial loss

  11. we have an issue with other kitchen's food odors coming into our kitchen around the dinner hour, otherwise it is excellent. The guest parking is poor, free access during the day on weekends and holidays would be a huge improvement.

  12. safe and secure, lovely apartments, great views, great amenities; high condo fees mean not everyone can afford but those that can really enjoy building

  13. "Nameless, faceless Only real people front desk staff"

  14. Although we’ve only been here for a short period of time, we do enjoy the many conveniences that living at Roxboro House provides. We have found that the location of Roxboro House can’t be beat. It’s proximity to downtown, local shopping and dining, public transport, and river/park access and pathways are superior features. This location has appeal for a wide variety of people but especially seniors. The building is quiet and the occupants seem to be more knowledgeable of condo living requirements and more interested in long term tenancy than many other condos. There seems to be more concern for their neighbors privacy and needs than what is found in many other condos.

  15. Too much noise from the street

  16. Please make it compulsory that *those renovating: post a detailed list of plans NOTING: Jack hammering and other NOISE. Thank you. *Suite # for sure



  19. Excellent location, sq. footage, friendly, amenities.

  20. Well maintained but dated appearance, possibly updating the common areas (ie. lobby and hallways), like previous updates to the pool and patio

  21. The new board and management company has totally transformed our enjoyment living here.

  22. We feel safe. Friendly community. Location.

  23. Rectifying the orders in hallways and units would improve our living experience

  24. quiet, well run, location

  25. We love living here

  26. We have not yet moved in so cannot comment on the experience of living in Roxboro House. We are just commencing our renovations.

  27. Has deteriorated


  29. 5. almost excellent except for a few quibbles. 6. we would not recommend living in Roxboro House to family and close friends and family, as dear as they are, we would not want to reside in such close proximity. We would recommend consideration of Roxboro House to others and have done so on occasion. 7. as this is a 1977 building, the Board does need to keep on top of aging infrastructure issues and, as the minutes indicate there are a number - both interior and exterior. Rebuilding and maintaining the reserve funds needs to be a priority. Observation of the renovation construction rules has not been as considerate as it might be.

  30. Being able to have a small pet would make my experience living in Roxboro House extremely happy

  31. Prior to December 2018, I was proud to live at Roxboro House, however, since December of 2018 up to (and including) the time of writing-March 7, 2019, quality of life has eroded to such an extent that I have been forced to leave my own home on countless occasions due to unchecked, unacceptable levels of noise from a unit playing electronic/bass music at all hours.

  32. The auditory effects can be heard in common areas such as the hallway and emergency staircase, even the third floor parkade at times, however in my unit the effects are so great that the pitch and rhythm changes are clearly heard.Changes in tempo and intensity are clearly heard, but even more importantly, the physical effects are incredibly invasive and have had detrimental effects on my mental and physical health as well as my education. An inability to live in peace and enjoy a right to peaceful enjoyment of my property due to aforementioned, ongoing issue, an inability to sleep the physical effects on the unit and furniture therein vibrating. Dropping a class at my expense-without any refund/compensation -came as a direct result of the inability to focus on my studies, live and sleep in peace in my own home. The only way to get any peace has been, and continues to be to leave my home, to impose in friends and family in the wee hours of the morning, exhausted and with chronic Health issues flaring, made worse by an inability to rest and convalesce when need be in my own home. Such low frequencies, even at a “quiet” volume, resonate through the concrete building, they vibrate buzz and quake the walls and floors, and the rhythmic beats pound on top of the low tones, they thump and rattle the unit. Previously I was told no other residents have complained, which I have come to find is completely false, that my next door neighbor has made multiple complaints and raised the issue himself. The door staff have tried their best, but are unable and unqualified to diagnose and/or fix the issue and find the source, and frankly don’t have the skills or tools to do more than put an ear to the wall-which is not solution or diagnostic tool, and can leave residents like myself without options, Or solitons. Barclay Street staff have previously managed to ignore minimally invasive, and low cost suggestions I had previously begged for in hopes of immediate intervention, to increase communication and awareness of the issue through; notes to residents posted in common areas, slip notes under doors, and to make use of genie pad, none of which have been done. A Sound Engineer firm has been hired to find a solution, but the process is energy and time intensive for myself and again, was action taken on my own, not a move towards a solution by management. Barclay Street has been made aware any costs associated with engaging a sound professional will be born by Barclay Street since there has been only blame shifting, guesses as to the cause (from those unqualified to say so, myself included) and a shocking lack of concern, urgency. Even more shocking and disappointing has been the lack of action and lack of effort to resolve this ongoing issue. Another residents actions have impacted, and continue to impact so negatively on my life, and any actions taken have been that of my own, with no follow up, or ongoing concern by the management to speak of. Detailed notations of noise disturbances, communications and correspondences with Roxboro Desk Staff (not to say they are to blame here,) with Barclay Street by phone and email, even communication with the after hours emergency line, only a portion of which Barclay Street is already in possession of, and show a clear pattern of denial, disinterest in and/or inability to properly address what is, and has been, for 3 months and counting, denied and infringes on the right to peaceful enjoyment of the property.

  33. Under the current managers and board, little attention is paid to owners and their concerns.

  34. Roxboro House offer everything a condo owner needs and the location is the best!

  35. Location - excellent, Management - good, Parking - adequate, Security - very good, Visitor Parking - inadequate

  36. It has been really good for us

  37. Location is great, well maintained building, feel very safe in unit

  38. It is a hidden gem within Calgary, great staff and neighbours. Tell those awful "Friends of Roxboro" to find a new home - they are a disgrace to our building and community. Disagreements are fine - but should be handled in a professional manner. NO MORE UNSOLICITED NOTES, LETTER, MEETINGS PLEASE!

  39. Generally excellent.

  40. Many work hard to make this a great home and community for all. So many improvements to be thankful for. Someone needs to tell the bad apples they should move if they're so unhappy. The location and amenities cannot be beat. Front desk staff is so helpful and pleasant. Recent changes and upgrades to the building are very welcome, would be nice to eventually see these upgrades throughout all of the common areas.

  41. It is the perfect pied-a-terre for someone like me who travels constantly for work.

  42. It is a lovely place to live with nice neighbours and staff.

  43. Negative environment, less services + insufficient maintenance to infrastructure.

  44. Community spirit has been destroyed by Board members. By-laws not enforced.

  45. 1) windows need to be repaired/replaced we have been told they will not be replaced as you have been advised that there are several years left before they will be. So we continue to suffer the horrible noises from the streets - vehicles, pedestrians talking, music from WURST restaurant.

  46. Very negative

  47. Negative dictator board, no enforcement of by-laws, less services.

Comments relating to Roxboro House common areas (46 responses)

  1. Some small touch ups needed.

  2. I've never used the guest suite so n/a

  3. more cleaning of parking area could be done monthly without complete evacuation of vehicles

  4. The lobby is looking old

  5. There are a number of items that are placed in hallways that should not be. Shoes, decorations, strollers, floor mats, and other items. They are both a safety risk and an eye-sore. Small decorations hung on doors seems reasonable (to celebrate the seasons and holidays). The same goes for the parking garage. Parking stalls should not be used as extended storage areas.

  6. cleaners work hard and very effectively

  7. redecoration of lobby is long overdue and hallways will soon need to be updated

  8. The last time we were up on the 4th floor patio, there was dog excrement there and it was stepped in. It makes the patio much less appealing as a destination. Also, the lobby is dated-looking and needs something to perk it up.

  9. Lobby is dated. Looks like a seniors home

  10. It would be great to have a bar-b-que in the patio area, we would use it once a week. A pickleball court would give us another reason to go there, otherwise it was just another expensive renovation, like the pool, that we never use. The exercise area is fantastic. The card room with pool table and TV is very nice.

  11. windows and parkades could be cleaned more often (do we still have sweeper machine in basement utility room?); exercise room and card room got "good" rating only because they are well used and people don't always clean up after themselves; cleaning staff are really excellent

  12. Cleaners do a good job

  13. Having been here such a short period of time we have not been able to enjoy all of the amenities that we expect to enjoy while we are here. Although I don’t use the workshop frequently, it’s a great convenience to have when you do need to do some minor work project. Again, although we haven’t used the patio extensively (mainly because of weather), I anticipate that we will enjoy it once the weather has improved. Similarly, the guest suite could prove to be invaluable but we haven’t used it yet. I do have a concern about common areas being used to store items that should be found in storage areas in individual condos or in the basement. Condominium by-laws clearly indicate that this is an unacceptable practice. Regular general reminders and if necessary specific reminders of these regulations should be sent to the owners.

  14. They are well maintained and very clean

  15. Locker Room: Some weekends AND holidays Locker Area messy. (visitors) Very satisfactory I like the Lobby very much.

  16. decor in lobby is 1912



  19. Paint touch up here + there. 3rd floor lounge - furniture? Lobby still in OK shape no need for renovation yet.

  20. We are very pleased with the quality of the cleaning service

  21. Elevator carpet must be replaced with flooring. Carpet to parkade from level 3 and 4 also needs to be replaced. Hallway to pool and party room is dismal.

  22. Owners doing renovations should be required to clean all carpet (outside their unit and any other areas they've soiled) and elevator and elevator buttons daily. Would like to see parking garage cleaned more often - this should help to remove salt which can lead to structural problems.

  23. garden upkeep is an issue

  24. The hallways leading to appts could definitely use some updating. Gold striped wallpaper + dingy cream paint + brown carpeting are definitely extremely dated !!!

  25. The amenities provided in the building were a big draw for us in purchasing a unit in Roxboro House. I answered weekly to using the amenities in Roxboro House as it is our plan to use them weekly or more than once a week. We have not used any amenity to-date except the guest suite.


  27. 8. Varies by area. We would rate the pool (which we do not use) as now excellent and, as well, the patio tho there are some minor improvements possible. We do not use several areas and do not rate these. The Card Room is poor as reflected in our decor ratings. 9. We have used the Patio weekly, in season, and depending on the weather. One of us uses the Card Room weekly, many weeks of the year, for bridge, except on the Board meeting days when the Party Room is used. We do not use several of the common areas at all. See also note 11. 10. Yes, from time to time. 11. All the amenities listed are important to us not because we use them but because they are valued by our neighbours. A choice of amenities attracts buyers House and helps maintain property values. 12. We are generally comfortable with the services now being provided. Deficiencies on the Patio and in the Card Room seem mostly user related. 13. We would like to see two improvements the Patio: more shade seating and separated private tables and chairs. This could be done inexpensively using two pergola areas, putting a cafe table and two chairs in each and adding retractable overhead awnings. The later are available and would be easy to remove in winter. Currently the only really shaded area in the Gazebo (one table). The umbrellas provide limited shade and not to all users.

  28. Elevator carpets need replacing - suggest washable flooring

  29. Lobby furniture a little dated but still nice.

  30. Wear and tear is not being repaired and kept up like it used to be; damaged paint throughout building; mall entry, elevator damage, parking garages used to be done multiple times a year, window cleaning etc has all been decreased and it shows. second floor carpets are not cleaned on a regular basis and the second floor parkade is not maintained in winter.

  31. 4th Floor Patio looks nice, so it should it cost enough! Used by very few but to be fair probably add to the value of our units.

  32. It needs a little updating!

  33. 3rd Floor Card Room is pretty dismal! :(

  34. Parking garage okay in summer but gets grimy in winter, especially in heavy snow years, e.g. 2017/18, when lots of gravel/dirt is dumped on the streets. It gets tracked in on snow buildup on cars which melts, dries and builds up inside the garage. Then movement of cars stirs up the resulting dust to deposit on the parked cars. An occasional vacuum sweep, when it gets dusty, would help mitigate this. Would also be worthwhile to use a wet-dry vacuum to suck up pools of salty meltwater which puddle in the garage, not often this winter but frequent last winter. Would reduce the chance of the salty water getting through the garage floor coating and attacking the rebar in the concrete; also reduce the footwear tracking of salty water onto the hallway carpets.

  35. The lobby needs a complete update. It is tired and embarrassing. It should be the first priority for any capital projects. The hallways need to be brighter, painting the ceiling a lighter colour would help. Perhaps brighter LED light bulbs would also help to achieve brighter hallways.

  36. The lobby needs a complete renovation - it looks original and does not well-represent the building.

  37. Time for a refresh.

  38. Card Room needs complete redo - perhaps move lobby furniture up?! Guest Suite - what happened to the lovely furnishing when it was first introduced?! Hallways - start with walls ceilings and lighting?! Lobby - needs update with something with more classic and lasting design appeal! No more socials in the Lobby, please?! It's not appropriate; nothing against them but they're better in the Party Room or on the 4th Floor Patio. Party Room - update and close off the kitchen to create a multi-use space. This room is not used to it's potential. Not sure the furniture works for the intended use of the space either but it's fine.

  39. A very thorough parkade cleaning is needed.

  40. I have noticed more and more people leaving decorative items in the hallway. While it might seem ok to the individual, it makes the hallways appear cluttered, cheap and messy. Also there seems to be a slow creep of more and more personal items being stored in people's parking spots.

  41. The patio and pool are lovely and worth showing off. It would be nice if the 25th Ave entrance and lobby gave guests that same feel of a fresh, looked after building. They feel rundown and ignored.


  43. There has been a steady decline in the cleanliness of common areas since employees were fired.

  44. Unclean floors in the parking garage - dirt sticks to foot-wear, carts and brought into the building and corridors and our homes!

  45. More attention w/ cleaning and repair. Leave the look of the lobby.

  46. Clean better. Not in favor of remodeling the lobby.

Comments relating to the appearance of Roxboro House (41 responses)

  1. It’s fine given the age.

  2. The lobby floral design and annual gardening efforts make us look quite poor in comparison to next door

  3. I would like to see more flowers, plants and shrubs in the garden areas

  4. The common areas are dated and some areas are showing considerable wear.

  5. Interior décor of lobby and hallways is very dated

  6. hate the flooring in the lobby. would prefer a lighter look in the halls

  7. The snow removal problem severely affects our opinion of the building exterior.

  8. Hallway carpets are getting dated and worn.

  9. the elevator carpet should be changed yearly, they are filthy and worn, the rear entrance from the mall is quite shabby but we don't really care, the front entrance is nice

  10. roller blinds in pool area please!!! can be opaque (like party room) but definitely needed for privacy; also interior - hallways are dark - can we add lighting (especially by townhouses) and consider painting ceilings lighter color? front doors of units need painting; exterior - windows look mismatched with all different curtains - hopefully will get tinted or reflective (like riverstone) when they are replaced; main driveway needs work; all else (brick, landscaping, lighting improvements) look great!

  11. Hallways: Paint touch up? Hard to respond Much reliant on concrete design/exterior

  12. Unfortunately, both the interior and exterior appearance of Roxboro House are somewhat dated. I’m not sure that any action to modernize the appearance of Roxboro House would be worth the expenditure. Styles change and sometimes are even cyclical. The darker oak and marble interiors, are in good condition and to some, they convey a sense of sophistication or elegance. To others, they are simply old and dated. Some find the darker interiors soothing and relaxing, others find them boring and dull. Nobody would find them contemporary in appearance.

  13. 25th entrance unsightly. Can the cement eventually be "cleaned"?

  14. lobby furniture is early 20th century.



  17. eventually new driveway and tile. proper signage on north side.

  18. I would like to see the bare brutalist architecture modernized. I have seen several buildings with the concrete painted, making a significant difference.

  19. Signage is poor. Pedestrian walkway needs an upgrade with clearly defined footpath. Exterior at entrance also needs an upgrade.

  20. We like the character of the building and that the decor is classic, it reflects the year it was built.

  21. The building is becoming dated.

  22. Still attractive

  23. It obviously is the time of year, but we would like to see that the windows were cleaner on the outside. We haven't had the opportunity to view the building outside of our winter months.


  25. 14. A average if interior and exterior assumed. 15. We rate the Card Room as poor and know the guest suite only by its pictures (which give a very good impression). The hallways, lobby, and party room generally appear to be in good repair and might be described as presentable if dated. At some point a refresh might be warranted. 16./17. Appears a solid and conservative and fairly typical of good buildings of its era. The worse feature is probably the driveway and awkward hidden entry but we have to live with that and make it look as attractive as possible - landscaping, lighting, etc.

  26. Most times taxi and uber can not find the entrance and go to the other building. Then when you call them and explain they don't get it. Is there anyway to make a better sign so that it's easier to get a taxi and uber and they come to our lobby and not the other building?

  27. The 25th Ave. bus stop often has garbage strewn around it since no garbage receptacle there. This detracts from Roxboro House appearance.

  28. Not being maintained as it used to be and it shows

  29. The exterior need an update.

  30. Window cleaning twice a year. The driveway at the main entrance should be cleaned more often.

  31. Big problem is no sidewalk from 26th Ave to Main Lobby

  32. It is a little dated, however our neighbours at Riverstone are not much better! built in the 1970's era!

  33. Better signage into and around the building would help direct guests and deliveries. It is hard to find the lobby and non-residents often drive up the ramp off 26 AVE thinking the ramp is the entrance. The hallways and lobby are looking dated. The parking garage could be cleaned more often in the winter. Please introduce consistent design to common areas. We're starting to see fragmentation i.e. 4th Floor Patio and Townhouse Fencing. Likewise for gardening around the property; introducing consistency will improve the appearance and reduce maintenance. Let's focus on things that make us look attractive and add value to our investment, while balancing maintenance.

  34. Please update the lobby and entrance to reflect the updated and streamlined look of the pool and patio. The furniture is dark, sad and out of place. The entry signage should be improved, especially with the rapid increase in uber, amazon and food delivery drivers needing to find our lobby.

  35. There must be a way to make the entrance to the building off 26th Ave more appealing.

  36. RH looks pathetic compared to Riverstone next door. The pool is so beautiful, it would be great to see that aesthetic find its way to the lobby.

  37. Please fix the driveway entrance off 26th Ave. The sign, lights, landscaping seem forgotten. Please update the lobby furniture - feels like a retirement home, not a condominium lobby in 2019.

  38. Improve outdoor pots and flowers. Polish brass sign. Better cleaning, touch up chipped paint.

  39. Poor maintenance of exterior sign and landscaping. Summer flowers are poor as are pots they are in. Not in favor of redoing lobby.

  40. Outside needs work

  41. Decor fits the traditional build of RH.

Comments relating to the service staff of Roxboro House (62 responses)

  1. Huge improvement in front desk service. Staff is so friendly. A consistent Property Manager would be nice.

  2. Find the service staff to respond in a positive way when we talk to them and are helpful when asked questions particularly Darin.

  3. All very nice and helpful

  4. All good. So many changes in Barclay mgmt. that we don’t know who’s who.

  5. All do a great job and are very friendly. I interact with Darin the most and he’s awesome.

  6. Good

  7. We feel everyone here does an excellent job.

  8. Maintenance staff I've never encountered but I do know it takes weeks to change light bulbs if they do get changed and the 6 the floor flood shows maintenance was not in the ball.

  9. service has been good

  10. Fine

  11. Very good overall quality.

  12. The response to inquiries has been slow when escalation has been required. Many requests have been made to have someone look at my air-conditioning and heating (still not resolved).

  13. They have been terrific.

  14. front desk staff are excellent, very helpful

  15. The front desk and security staff are now much better and they do a more complete and helpful job

  16. It’s a great group, professional, courteous, helpful. They’re a huge asset.

  17. do not interact much with the staff but they appear to be pleasant and competent

  18. The cleaning staff and maintenance staff seem to do their jobs invisibly, and it's rare to see them in the hallways. Barclay Street seems to have some identification problems. They rarely sign their notices and it's kind of a trick to know whom to contact. Contact information should be on each notice.

  19. Darin & Geraldyn are always very friendly and helpful when needed.

  20. Not applicable

  21. Frank is in a class by himself, outstanding in every possible metric. Barclay street has not been particularly good at addressing my kitchen odor issue, a few emails but no action, and now a dearth of emails and presumably no action but I don't know since there have been no emails and we've been out of town.

  22. The front desk staff are pleasant, professional and helpful. I don’t interact enough with the property manager or maintenance staff to rate them.

  23. Barclay staff contact has changed a few times since they started; perhaps need another "introductory" session; not sure who "building manager" reports to - sits in office; not sure of his function; front desk staff have been well trained and are really excellent

  24. Maintenance staff: "Invisible" "Best security staff ever Good cleaners WHEN interacting with Barclay, good but no opportunity to interact

  25. I think we are lucky to have the regular staff members that we do. I think Barclay Street are very good property managers although I’ve had some concerns about issues and how they’ve been addressed. This is a very difficult and thankless job to have to perform. The best evaluation that I can give is that, of the five condominiums associations I dealt with, they are the best. With regards to maintenance, (in particular Johnson Controls), I have had mixed success with the service, but in the end, the quality of the work has been excellent.

  26. I have very little 'experience' but any time I have all are very pleasant and helpful. On Weekdays, the fellow who follows Darin is very good!! Nice people! The cleaning fellows are very attentive and considerate.

  27. Much better than a few years ago



  30. The front desk staff are wonderful!

  31. Staff are friendly and helpful

  32. Queries and comments to Una have not been acknowledged

  33. Front desk staff are personable and competent. Cleaning staff are polite.

  34. Only complaint is dealing with property and their lack of response and action.

  35. generally positive

  36. It might be appropriate to have communication. Stairwell light on east stairwell (between 3 + 4) has been out for two - 3 weeks

  37. Anyone we have dealings with are always courteous + as helpful as they are able to be. We still miss the very efficient old guard however!

  38. We have met everybody but Ramil and the cleaning staff. They have all been extremely friendly and helpful. As mentioned above, we haven't moved into the building yet

  39. Everyone I have dealt with is efficient and friendly.


  41. 18. Generally excellent based on our limited contacts. We have met only of the night security staff and only on one occasion. We have not met either the Maintenance Staff or the periodic on-site Property Manager. 20. ONSITE STAFF NOT BARCLAY OFFSITE STAFF.

  42. Front desk is excellent - always helpful and professional

  43. Friendly staff. Supportive. Helpful.

  44. Excellent Staff!

  45. Cleaning staff leaving before contractors finish for the day resulting sometimes in hallways and elevators being less than clean

  46. Seem to be limited by Barclay Street policies (or claim to be) and it decreases effectiveness

  47. Security staff are always cheerful and accommodating. Barclay staff have been slow (and sometimes never) in their responses to our issues. Cleaning staff are rarely encountered.

  48. All are very pleasant and very courteous. Great at taking in parcels if not home. All of the Doormen and Lady are fabulous!

  49. Darin is amazing. Never had a question that he could not answer. Very professional. Geraldyn is very pleasant. Don't have much to do with others.

  50. Haven't had too much contact but has generally been good.

  51. What a great improvement! Darin and Frank in particular can accomplish pretty much anything you ask. They do so in a professional manner. Well done!

  52. Very nice improvement. The new front desk staff a much better than past employees. They do not gossip and spread rumours like the old ones.

  53. Darin, Frank and Geraldyn are assets to the building. Ramil can use come support.

  54. You must be rid of Barclay, they are completely ineffective and seemingly rely on the Front Desk and Johnson Controls for everything. We do need a professional service, I wouldn't advocate to go back to the way it was! Barclay however has had too many property managers turnover and hides behind excuses, ignorance, and delays. We need a property manager that works with us and spends time in the building getting to it and the residents. We all deserve better.

  55. It would be nice to have a bit more consistency from our Property Manager

  56. Everyone is very friendly.

  57. I find it hard to keep up with who our Property Manager of the week is. The front desk staff are wonderful.

  58. More time needed for cleaning, maintenance.

  59. Not enough time allowed for cleaning and maintenance.

  60. They are very good.

  61. Cater to board members. Ignore everyone else.

  62. Improvement needed

Please use the space below to provide comments and/or feedback (38 responses)

  1. Thank you to the existing board for all you do. This has been a difficult year.

  2. Things just fine.

  3. Parkade cleaning last year was a disaster and once a year cleaning is unacceptable. Regular upkeep of the parkade requires squeegee-ing out pools of water, and using the sweeper at least monthly. Additionally, applying gravel to the upward ramp is unacceptable and hazardous.

  4. Overall I am very happy with my choice to purchase here. I look forward to living here for many years and participating in this great community.

  5. big complaint is the ongoing noise from constant construction. Not sure what can be done, maybe a month when all construction must be done. It is annoying and anyone working from their home cannot achieve much.

  6. I’ve been an owner since 2003, and my mom was here before me from 1984-2010, so I’ve seen a lot of changes. The current group of staff - front desk, cleaning , etc, as well as the current property managers are the most professional and responsive that we’ve had, in my opinion. Congrats to the board for setting and keeping high standards.

  7. my first priority for the Board would be to update our governing documents - though I would put new flooring in the lobby a close second.

  8. Condo board meeting minutes should be available (in a timely manner!) through GeniePad for ease of reading. This would be in addition to posting them in the mail room area. I know this is in progress, but an update to the Owner's Manual is overdue - most of the contact information for example is now incorrect and not at all helpful.

  9. Thank you for the opportunity to give input.

  10. hoping for more newsletters or update meetings; for example, what is happening about heating pipes/shut off valves/thermostats? had burst pipes again this winter (pinhole leaks/corrosion?); is there a preventative maintenance program coming? also main plumbing connections to units (Phil used to turn on/shut off for owners - they are tricky); they were discussed at AGM and there was confusion over who looks after plumbing (building? individual owners?);what about air conditioners? is there a maintenance program? (filters are hard to replace); motors are starting to fail - would be cheaper/more efficient if we did thru building? same with window committee - have they come to any conclusions? when does replacement start? have we dealt with issues on NW corner (leaky windows); are we going to replace patio doors in the near future? Why do I get flies/bumble bees coming thru my vents in spring/summer? higher floor - not sure how they get up there - are they being sucked in somewhere?

  11. Touch up painting needed

  12. In general, we believe our purchase of our condominium is an excellent value. Having just completed our second move in a year, I think we are aware of what constitutes an excellent value in today’s market. One suggestion I have though, is to annually provide owners (especially new ones) a list of contacts, days, and costs for “social activities”/community activities and details of any service options that are available ie. concierge, dry cleaning, house cleaning, etc.

  13. Doesn't R.H. have a snowblower? Piling snow in the planters not a 'best' move - Too much watering 26th St planters. Bricks will eventually collapse. Corner too exposed. If snow removal could be done earlier on 25th Ave (around our building) perhaps an overuse of salt wouldn't be needed.


  15. Survey leans towards updating common areas. $$$ ?

  16. The lobby, hallways and party room could do with an revamp. They are in decent condition but not polished and up to date. And the ramp up to the 2nd and 3rd floor parking is such an eyesore. The fact the lobby is hidden from street view is unfortunate. It would be nice to see the signage, lighting, garage doors and the ramp’s wall surfaces updated and improved.

  17. Have found some snow removal timing and noise a little too early in the morning, disruptive to sleep, i.e. 3am clearing with a leaf blower vs. shovel or sweeper.

  18. All in all, an excellent experience since we moved away from the old guard boards. I applaud your courage and persistence.

  19. There have been improvements in our eight years as residents. We encourage the upgrades to continue. The original decor is drab (wallpaper, carpet, lobby furniture, party room) in contrast to how cheerful the patio, pool and exercise areas are.

  20. Thank you for all your hard work. Job well done.

  21. Improve building ventilation and build up reserve fund.

  22. Pet friendly - maybe time to revisit.

  23. Our biggest "concern" is the outdated appearance of the common areas of the building - pool room and exercise room being the exceptions.

  24. Once we move in, we will be participating in the activities organized in the building and use the amenities. That was part of the attraction of Roxboro House for us. We have already had the opportunity to book the Guest Suite for family from out of town, and were really happy with the convenience and cleanliness of the suite. Our adult children live out of town and this is a huge benefit to us to have the guest suite. Thank you for creating a survey for the owners of Roxboro House. We're very much looking forward to living there.

  25. This survey is a very short list of feedback from residents

  26. Please consider adding small pets to be allowed in bylaws.

  27. Don’t find it acceptable in a building like ours, that pool and hot tub chemicals are not handled by a professional, recent issues with skin rashes due to improper applications and s complete disuse of the amenities, and now unfortunately, a lack of confidence in using those amenities in the future

  28. No new renovations in the common areas

  29. We need all our common areas to look more like the pool and 4th Floor Patio - what a good job that was and these will be a features of our building for years to come. I hope our lobby, driveway and hallways need an update to better represent the wonderful Roxboro House community.

  30. Well done on changes over the past 5 years, we hope the building continues to spend on capital improvements. It seems the window discussion is a bit overboard, the windows do not seem to be failing (at least the majority).

  31. Too many of the common areas have been 'left as they are' for too long! Time to bring the building back to its former glory. It would be helpful if services(i.e. dry cleaning)/class (aquafit) schedules were posted all year around.

  32. Lastly, we need to get after the Mall. They are not respectful neighbours, they do what they want when it's convenient for them and they do not consider us or the bylaws. They are not keeping good appearances either, they really need to clean up their act.

  33. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. I know this will be carefully considered.

  34. Thank you also for all that you do!

  35. I work from home when in Calgary and it would be nice if people were more considerate about giving notice for loud reno work. A simple notice would be enough for me to know not to book a conference call if there is going to be loud drilling. More often than not lately it seems as though there is loud work with no notice from the owners.

  36. Owners should vote on large projects, No respectful Board communication with owners.

  37. I am shocked the way the board has ignored the poor, weak and noisy windows - why as we have heard windows in some units have been repaired well or replaced whereas not all needy, broken, noisy windows have been repaired or replaced??

  38. More diverse board needed. Repair or replace. Maintenance being neglected.